IQUAview 24.01 Release Visual Changelog

Moved ‘Transfer and execute mission’ action to ‘Execute mission’ menu.

New profile tool for plotting height profiles of bathymetry raster layers by drawing on the map or by selecting mission layers from the layer tree.

A mission axis can be scaled independently of the other axis.

The points can be moved simultaneously in the multiple point selection tool.

New field to check the controlstation-AUV synchronization.

An emergency beep will sound when there is a critical message in the vehicle message bar. The volume can be changed in the general menu.

Arrow to indicate the along track direction of the lawn mower in the template mission tool.

Button to reset timeout in the timeout notification dialog.

Highlight selected mission on map .

New options(format, decimal precision, directional suffix, coordinate symbols) for the display of latitude and longitude. For computations the maximum precision will still be always used.

Option to disable keep position and enable thrusters when sending a go to service.

  • Box to select/unselect all missions in the web server options menu.
  • Data from GNSS tracks are saved in individual CSV files to disk.
  • The template mission transects are calculated at each parameter change.
  • The IQUAview log files are saved in ~/logs/iquaview/.
  • The mission can no longer be scaled by holding down the Ctrl button.
  • The preview tracks button in the template mission tool.
  • Minor bugs.

NOTE: For information about new changes and features in IQUAview plugins, please check the documentation of the corresponding plugin package.