Sparus II AUV

Lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle for a maximum depth of 200m. Like the Girona 500, the Sparus II is also capable of hovering and has an easily configurable payload area and an open software architecture.

SPARUS II AUV is a lightweight hovering vehicle with mission-specific payload area and efficient hydrodynamics for long autonomy in shallow water (200 meters). It combines torpedo-shape performance with hovering capability. It is easy to deploy and to operate. The payload area can be customized by the end user and it uses an open software architecture, based on ROS, for mission programming. Its flexibility, easy operation and openness makes the SPARUS II AUV a multipurpose platform that can adapt to industrial, scientific and academic applications.
Torpedo-shaped for efficient hydrodynamics and better autonomy
Hovering capable, high maneuverability
Easy operation. It can be deployed by 2 people from any boat
Open hardware for easy payload integration
ROS-based software architecture
Low cost

Length: 1.6 m
Hull diameter: 0.23 m
Max width: 0.46 m
Weight in air: 52 kg
Maximum depth: 200 m
Energy: 1.9 kWh Li-Ion battery system
Endurance: 8-10hrs (Dependent on
Max surge velocity: 3 knots
Propulsion system: 3 thrusters
DoFs: Surge, heave, pitch and yaw
Power on: Magnetic switch
Structure: Modular aluminium and acetal hull
Software: ROS over Linux Ubuntu
Communication: WiFi and Ethernet umbilical
Navigation: IMU, DVL, pressure sensor, GPS
Safety: Flashing light
Payload volume: 8 liters (7 kg in air)
Payload interface: Ethernet, RS-232, regulated 12V and 24V