oceans 2019

A spring of events in Provence: EMRA workshop in Toulon and IEEE Oceans in Marseille

Since its foundation in 2016, IQUA robotics has been a very active company in International initiatives taking place regularly in underwater robotics research world.

This spring, the place to be was Provence, in Southern France, two very interesting meeting points of research in underwater robotics community occurred in just 1 month: European Marine Robotics and Applications (EMRA) workshop and IEEE Oceans.

EMRA workshop reached its 6th edition in Toulon. Hosted by IFREMER, the event put together the presentations of ongoing European funded project results and companies presentations about their new products and technologies. IQUA closed the event with a final presentation about the use of the company’s AUVs that is being done by its customers and their applications.

The participation at OCEANS in Marseille was in the shape of a small space in the exhibition area where a real sized SPARUS II was shown. It is the second time that IQUA participates in OCEANS Europe as a company, previously, the company was present in Aberdeen. The University of Girona lab, where IQUA spin out from, had participated in OCEANS Santander, Bergen and Genova exhibition areas.