Back on track!

We’re pleased to announce that our workshop team has been able to restart the activity in normality, for sure, our employees follow all the safety regulations that this pandemic has imposed but it is still nice to say that WE ARE BACK! =)

It has been almost 2 months with the offices completely closed, an unexpected journey from which we think we can learn a lot. But, actually, we never left. From the first moment we set up a home working strategy that has worked pretty well.

We have practiced dealing with emotions, we have tested all the conference call tools possible, we have had to manage our own daily plans in a challenging environment at home and, all of it, facing a pandemic that has touched from nearby.

Spain has been, so far, one of the most affected countries by CoVid 19 but we are sure that we can take positive things out of it… for instance, our unforgettable Monday morning meetings! =)

Pictures from IQUA team taken from weekly meetings in zoom platform during the confinment.