NEW PRODUCT: SoundTiles, obtain your FLS maps in a matter of minutes

We are pleased to announce the launching of SoundTiles, a stand-alone software solution for automatic generation of underwater acoustic mosaics from forward-looking sonar (FLS) images.

The software allows to process a set of sonar images, finding the correct alignment between them and blending them in one single informative mosaic. The generated mosaic provides an overview of the surveyed area and eases the interpretation of the imaged scene, allowing the identification of spatial relationships and offering a map of increased resolution and improved signal-to-noise ratio with respect to the individual sonar images.

SoundTiles is a very intuitive and easy-to-use software, designed for end users that allow process FLS images in a matter of minutes, make annotations and measurements, and export the data in different formats. With SoundTiles the generation of FLS maps becomes a straightforward task, reducing drastically the amount of work and improving the quality of the results.

SoundTiles is currently compatible with Soundmetrics and Norbit and will soon be compatible with Teledyne Blueview, Teledyne Reson and Blueprint forward looking sonars. It can run in Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu operating systems. The software has an in-build wizard that guides the user in the basic processing steps. It features also a set of more advanced tools for mosaic optimization, offering options for fine-tuning in order to achieve the best performance.

Image illustrating the post courtesy of Acquest Geofísica (Brazil).

This project has received funding from the European Commission under the H2020 SME instrument program.